Discover superior dental care with Dentamerical's medical tourism in Istanbul. Combine world-class treatments with the city's cultural charm for a unique oral health experience. Our skilled team ensures top-quality care and an enriching journey, all at cost-effective rates. Embrace dental excellence while exploring Istanbul's allure.

Hollywood Smile​

Hollywood Smile Dental Treatment

Step into a world of captivating smiles and personalized transformations with Dentamerical's avant-garde cosmetic dentistry. Our experts specialize in sculpting the enchanting allure of the Hollywood smile, utilizing a blend of innovative techniques, including zirconium, porcelain fused to metal (PFM), and e-max crowns. These meticulously tailored crowns serve as artistic canvases, seamlessly concealing imperfections while artfully restoring fractured teeth to their resplendent brilliance.

Experience the mesmerizing journey of full mouth crowns, a transformative process that often eclipses the efficiency of traditional braces, delivering harmonious smiles with impressive expediency. Fortified with the enduring resilience of materials such as zirconium and e-max, your Hollywood smile remains an enduring testament to vibrancy and magnificence, gracefully evolving over the sands of time.

Engage in a collaborative journey with our adept cosmetic dentists, who will carefully curate a bespoke treatment trajectory, harmonizing your aspirations with the intricacies of your distinct oral health needs. Venture into the summit of dental artistry as we weave together a harmonious symphony of techniques, encompassing teeth whitening, veneers, bonding, and more.

This masterful orchestration of interventions crafts a captivating transformation, empowering your Hollywood smile to radiate an unbridled aura of confidence and charm. Immerse yourself in the convergence of aesthetic excellence and dental prowess at Dentamerical, where you can wholeheartedly embrace a life illuminated by the brilliance of your very own Hollywood smile.

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Dental Implants

Dental implants replace missing teeth with natural-looking permanence. Bone grafting and transfer enhance success, ensuring a confident smile.Implants mimic natural teeth, offering improved function and aesthetics.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns restore damaged teeth, offering both function and aesthetics. Our clinic educates patients about their benefits, addressing a range of issues for a natural-looking smile.

Dental Veneers

Get natural-looking dental veneers at our clinic, addressing color, shape, size, and alignment. Crafted from e-max and pure porcelain, these thin shells ensure lasting and radiant smile transformation.

Teeth Whitening

In-clinic teeth whitening, led by trained professionals, uses potent bleaching agents to remove stains, delivering efficient, noticeable results in 60-90 minutes. Tailored treatment and professional supervision ensure lasting, vibrant outcomes.


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More Treatments

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More treatments!

- Teeth Cleaning

- Composite Fillings

- Normal Fillings

- Root Canal Treatments

- Alveoloplasty

- Apical Resection

- Cyst Operation

- Flap Operation

- Gingevectomy

- Gum Curettage

- Gum Grafts

- Dentures

- Night Guards

- Temporary Teeth

- Tooth Extractions

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