Positive Aspects of Turkish Teeth

Over time, the term “Turkish teeth” has unfortunately gained negative connotations, largely fueled by misconceptions about the quality of dental care in Turkey. Some associate lower costs with compromised services, assuming that affordability must mean sacrificing quality. Additionally, a lack of awareness about advancements in the Turkish dental industry contributes to these negative perceptions.

Nevertheless, it’s essential to challenge these stereotypes and shed light on the positive aspects of dental veneers in Turkey and dental tourism in general.

Advantages of Choosing Turkish Teeth


Cosmetic dentistry, especially in the USA and the UK, can strain budgets. Many people are turning to health tourism, where patients travel abroad for affordable healthcare. Among these destinations, Turkey stands out not only as a perfect holiday spot but also as a global hub for various medical procedures, including cosmetic dentistry.

Previously known for its natural beauty, Turkey is now attracting people for reasons beyond tourism. From hair transplants to cosmetic dentistry, Turkey has become the global “doctor Miami.” Patients at Dentamerical often share how opting for Turkish teeth provided them affordable solutions, with procedures costing significantly less than in the UK and the US. A full set of veneers in Turkey can be obtained for under $4,000.

turkish teeth technology
Advanced Technologies:

Turkey stands out not just for its affordability but also for the quality of treatment, backed by cutting-edge technologies. Cosmetic dentistry procedures at Dentamerical, such as E-max technology, offer a Hollywood Smile with natural light transmission, providing an authentic look.

One of the breakthroughs in dental technology is CAD/CAM (CEREC Crowns or 3Shape technology), now available in Turkey. This technology enables a one-day Hollywood Smile, using artificial intelligence and 3D printing for a time-efficient and highly customizable treatment. This is particularly advantageous for health tourists seeking swift procedures.

Luxury Services:

Turkey excels in handling international patients, a major factor in the success of health tourism and cosmetic dentistry. Dental clinics, including Dentamerical, address concerns by offering luxury services, ensuring a comfortable stay for health tourists. From hotel reception to private transport, 5-star accommodation, and professional translation, every aspect of treatment is covered.

Amid the growing NHS crisis, patients have found solace in dental clinics in Turkey. By providing cost-effective, high-quality dental treatments, Turkey has become a safe haven for UK patients, easing the dilemma of accessing quality oral care.

In conclusion, the success stories of patients reflect the benefits of choosing “Turkish teeth” for dental care. By opting for reputable clinics, patients can confidently embrace the advantages of dental tourism, achieving their dental health goals while enjoying Turkey’s beauty and culture.

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