Zirconia Crowns and Their Surge in Istanbul’s Dental Tourism

Zirconia Crowns

Among the innovations in Istanbul’s dental tourism scene, zirconia crowns have taken center stage. The city has gained recognition not only for its affordability but also for its commitment to offering the latest advancements in dental technology. In this article, we’ll explore the rise of this dental treatment in Istanbul’s dental tourism landscape, providing an in-depth understanding of why this dental procedure has become a sought-after choice for international patients.

Zirconia Crowns: A Cut Above the Rest

Zirconia crowns have transformed the dental industry with their exceptional durability, natural appearance, and biocompatibility. These ceramic-based crowns are known for their impressive strength and longevity, making them a preferred choice for many dental procedures. It took centuries’ worth of innovations for dental crowns to reach where they are now.

Istanbul’s dental professionals have embraced the advantages of these crowns, leading to their widespread adoption in dental treatments. The remarkable sturdiness of these crowns means they can withstand the daily wear and tear of chewing and biting, making them an ideal choice for restoring damaged or discolored teeth.

Why Patients Choose Zirconia Crowns in Istanbul

Affordability: One of the primary reasons why patients choose zirconia crowns in Istanbul is the affordability of the procedure. When compared to Western countries, dental treatments in Istanbul are notably cost-effective. This cost-efficiency extends to zirconia crowns, making them an attractive option for patients seeking top-quality restorations without breaking the bank.

Quality Materials: Dental clinics in Istanbul prioritize the use of high-quality materials, and zirconia crowns are no exception. Patients can expect top-tier zirconia crowns that not only look natural but also stand the test of time. The clinics source their materials from reputable suppliers, ensuring that international quality standards are met.

Experienced Dentists: Istanbul hosts a substantial number of experienced dentists proficient in performing zirconia crown procedures. Well-versed in the latest techniques and technologies, these professionals deliver results that meet or exceed patients’ expectations with expertise.

The Zirconia Crown Procedure

A typical zirconia crown procedure in Istanbul follows a systematic process:

Consultation: The journey begins with an initial consultation. Dentists thoroughly examine the patient’s oral health, discuss their dental goals, and provide recommendations. The dentist will determine whether zirconia crowns are the right choice based on the patient’s unique circumstances.

Preparation: During the next appointment, the dentist prepares the tooth for the zirconia crown. This may involve reshaping and reducing the tooth to ensure a proper fit for the crown.

Impression: An impression of the tooth is taken, which serves as a template for crafting the zirconia crown. Istanbul’s dental clinics use advanced equipment to ensure precision in capturing the tooth’s dimensions.

Temporary Crown: While we fabricate the permanent zirconia crown, we place a temporary crown to protect the prepared tooth.

Fitting and Final Placement: Once the zirconia crown is ready, the patient returns to have it fitted and securely bonded. The dentist ensures that the crown’s color and shape blend seamlessly with the patient’s natural teeth.


Zirconia crowns have made a significant impact in Istanbul’s dental tourism scene, attracting patients from across the globe. The combination of affordability, high-quality materials, and experienced dentists has solidified zirconia crowns as a top choice for dental restorations in Istanbul.

Patients seeking dental treatments in this thriving metropolis can look forward to a dental experience that not only enhances their smiles but also fits within their budget. With zirconia crowns, Istanbul continues to lead the way in providing accessible and superior dental care to all who visit this captivating city.

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